Ok, let’s start off with an introduction: Who are you and what do you do?

My character's name is Clyde and I draw and stick different variations of him during my travels and in sticker packs.

How did you get into graffiti?

I always drew strange bug-eyed characters on my papers at school, but It wasn't until 11th grade that I decided to take them from the paper and apply them to the streets ! Also the area I live is very dull and doesn't have much street art so character's were a way to stand out around the people who just tagged.

How long have you been doing streeat art?

3+ years !
What’s the typical day in your life like?

Typical day in my life.....
Wake-up- bowl of cereal, music.
Afternoon- any combination of reading, skating, working, eating, drawing and of course getting up !
Night- more cereal, more music...

Who or what influences your work?

My surroundings, things I've seen and different hairstyles and culture definitely influence the characters.

Are you a member of any crews? If so what?

. UR1K crew a friend of mine started awhile back, but usually I work alone or with my two friends ONIONS and NEMF !1

How would you describe the graffiti scene in your town?

The graffiti scene here is unfortunately almost non existent, But there are some dope people I see getting up out here ZONGER, BOSE and MR. NEE to name a few !

Who are some of your favourite graffiti artists?
I can't even answer this without feeling like leaving someone out there's so many dope people coming through, But people I been following recently: Mike Die, Egipt, Kicks, KEWLS, SteelerOne etc. !

What can we expect to see from you and your work in the future?

THE FUTURE arrg. Definately more stickers for sure some new styles and hopefully more collabs with people ! Hopefully more painting and pasting as well.

Final words …

Stay Positive !

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