Who are you and what do you do?

My street art ego is known as Be Free or B3. My civil name is Libuše and I live in Prague, Czech Republic. I'm not actually a graffiti writer - I used to bomb the walls but now more than aerosol paint I like using liquid chalk, washable paint squeezer, paper or even duck tape. I prefer to use non invasive techniques and mediums - probably because I've changed my view on property and specially the role of public space. Not many walls around me is free. That's why I rather do "sticky" art - stickers, posters, paste ups and sometimes also tape art. If compared with can art, none of these mediums are making permanent damage on the surface which actually makes me feel free and cops stay away from me. I also love to overtag local graffiti , leaving secret little messages to the writers, communicating with them my way, but not destroying their original work. Last year I've also made some crazy duck tape installations in Prague to support the Tape Network by Street Sign Project.

My pig faces, the theme i run a lot, are very symbolic to me - they represent the old punk life tradition, freedom of language and behaviour, most of them are blind as we all sometimes close our eyes not to see the injustice around us, pigs are reffering to greed and gluttony, the "sins" of our time and civilization as well as the pig manifestation goes through the different world mythologies... 

How long have you been doing streeat art?

To be honest, I can't remember. I've loved drawing and doodling since I was a little kid, no white paper could stay white when I was around and since I met chalks, I moved to sidewalks and walls. But thinking back on my "comeback" three years ago. I must mention a person who gave me new ideas and energy to get back to street art after years. Actually, it was a kid, something like 20 years younger than me, very talented but nearly getting in troubles with graffs on illegal walls. His mother asked me to meet him and talk to him like adults usually talk to children but instead of "keep off the walls, forget the cans, be reasonable..." I've asked him to get me into up-to-date scene. I was given a short but intense lecture in graffiti styles and artists- nice kick off which sent me back to streets. 

What’s the typical day in your life like?

I have a full time job, actually nothing to do with street art. My pig stickers and QR codes help me to relax after work almost every day - either sticking up few slaps when coming home after work or creating new designs late night at home. Art is, luckily, something what I CAN do, no one is saying what and how to do it, while most of the other things in my life I MUST do. I enjoy my daily portion of freedom, dreaming about neverending good weather and more time for things I CAN do  

Who or what influences your work?

Like everyone else I'm influenced by the time and space I live. We are living in postmodern time where everything is interconnected, mixed, influenced and influencing, and of course eclectic. The world around me is a crazy mix of colours, nations and cultures and it effects me every day, no matter how much I want it. Meeting people doing street art, either face to face or online, is something what influences me the most and I'm happy for that. Mentioning this, I would like to express my big thanks to Steve Edwards and his special Facebook group called Gaffoflarge. 

Are you a member of any crews? If so what?

I'm not a member of any crew but I do support BKC. Brass Knuckle Crew is a bunch of nice and creative people I met virtually on Facebook - people like Jice Man or Jerry Rid make sticker art powerful tool connecting people arround the globe. I'm always ready to submit my stickers and paste ups for their shows, whrever they are, as well as I enjoy pasting up their things in Europe. Supporting the biggest "crew" ever - 99% - in Occupy events is a matter of honor to me and I do that with pleasure. 

How would you describe the graffiti scene in your town?

Graffiti scene in Prague has a long tradition - you can meet almost everything here, from noteless tags by graff kids to amazing large murals made by international artists, finding Prague attractive. Talking about graffiti writers, the winners are definitely the guys from well known Be (Boys) crew, they keep tagging the city day ba day. It is sad that there is not enough free walls in public space which means it's quite easy to get to the conflict with the law and authorities, specially in the historical part of the capital city. Prague needs more of free walls and less of buffed pieces. 

Who are some of your favourite graffiti artists?

Honestly, this is very difficult question. I wish I could name them all Talking about street art legends like Shepard Fairey, Space Invader or Banksy - I admire them for their hard work, creativity and sense of humor. But the art of "local" stars like Barek from Australia, Tekonta Secta from UK, Dent from US and many others, in fact, means much more to me. I guess it's because of another good thing about art - the friendship. I do love to support local shows, I enjoy trading stickers and working on collabs with "no name" artists like me - love them all, because they're great people and that's the most important thing. 

What can we expect to see from you and your work in the future?

I'm going to support some stickers shows, right now I'm working on my submission for US based Stick Them Up 3 and since I'm an optimist, I hope to spend my summer time on sidewalks and pavements, working on large QR code creations because the combination of math and creativity is a big fun.

Final words …
Be free.

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  1. Very well put... Respect is due to Miss B3...!!!