Ok, let’s start off with an introduction: Who are you and what do you do?

My alias is REK607, I was known before as REKONE, and even before a Reptil1 in Benidorm (a small touristic city in the south-eastern Spain). I paint graffiti with pens, squeezers and spraycans over every surface I like. I'm a street artist too, pasting posters and stickers and leaving small creations. As a hardcore bomber from 1999 to 2003 I loved to destroy everything but I started to view the game in a different perspective so I experimented with many things during this time.

How long have you been doing streeat art?
I started painting graffiti when I was 13, that was 14 years ago approximately. I begun on street art movement like 2 years ago or so, influenced by some pieces and stickers I found on my many travels. I started to feel that sharing more than a name could be interesting.

What’s the typical day in your life like?
Well, I have a partial-time job, so when I'm out of work I try to be creative, sometimes drawing, sometimes painting, sometimes pasting things or sticking them up. It depends on the mood I have in that moment. I try to keep it conscious, so, I need to get influences from other artists and activists. From Picasso or Dalí to Obey or Seen!

 Are you a member of any crews? If so what?

Actually I'm in two crews that are growing and doing what I consider nice good stuff, which are: ISCE (International Sticker Crew) a international crew of sticker artists taking our names Worldwide, the far the best! and ANT (Asses and Tits) a crew I share with Nazzhina (AKA Naz, from Galiza), related with how to show the best parts of the female human body (if you know what I mean... :P) in any kind of surface: digital, pictures, drawings, graffiti..

How would you describe the graffiti scene in your town?
In my opinion, graffiti was dying until 2-3 years ago. This happened because it's a small city so there are not many good spots for painting and we have lots of cops. We have not many legal spots neither, so it was disappearing. I like how F2K (Fuman2 Krew) took graffiti art back with nice typographical lines everywhere. Oh, and in the street art and sticker scene, I'm the only guy. 

Who are some of your favourite graffiti artists?

I love the unusual and rare stuff but I enjoy the most the classics; you know: Kase2 (Rest in Power!), Seen, Futura, Blade, and of course some local artists such as Henk1 (moved to London) or Chock (you gotta check their artworks!). I also enjoy street artists and designers like Hydro74 or Obey Giant.

Final words …
Illegal graffiti is the only graffiti, any legal action is just aerosol spray art, and I love that too, but is not the same thing if you check out how graffiti evolved during its origins. Graffiti and street artists are the present, a social need to spread free thinking, to take far a name. Let's struggle the system and maintain the level growing. 


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